Our Advisory Approach

KR Financial Services.'s approach to investment management is distinguished by our focus on research. Our ability to manage money in a consistent and profitable way depends on both the amount and quality of the research we do. Knowing how to filter out what is important from all the noise and hype is an acquired discipline, and it is not easy to do. Having this specialized focus allows us to serve your investment concerns more effectively than advisors or brokers who have a more general approach.

One additional thing about our firm that you should know is our background in accounting. As CPAs we have had to meet high professional standards that, we believe, make us better financial advisors.

How we take advantage of the Internet: Being Internet based means that we have resources that are not only broader than those available to a traditional advisor, but are quick, easy to access and with real time pricing.

The result is that we have a greater ability to find and analyze a range of investment opportunities. This helps us give better advice more consistently, bring information to our clients quickly and present information that is easier to understand. At the same time, lowering the cost of account management.

These tools help in our search for sound investment opportunities, as well as in our effort to track them. Not only is the Net a useful tool when we are initially looking for a new fund to invest in, but it is also useful for tracking news for the funds we have already bought, or identified as a potential buy.

This tracking is done automatically and electronically so that we do not have to rely on memory, or manual systems to do it. Each day our electronic mail-boxes are filled with press releases and key stories effecting the funds and sectors that we own or are considering the purchase of.

In terms of Research resources, which is the most valuable investment asset of the Internet, our web-site has direct links to some of the best information available.

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